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Over 70 Years
of Dedication in Delivering the Finest Radiological Services

Cape Radiology Group, the first radiology practice between St. Louis, Missouri and Memphis, Tennessee, was established in 1951. Its inception proudly created the area’s first outpatient radiology imaging center to meet the needs of a growing community. For over 70 years, we have provided the highest quality radiology services to regional hospitals, physicians, healthcare professionals and patients throughout Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

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What We Do

Imaging Services

Our facility in Cape Girardeau is well-equipped and offers ultrasound and x-ray, digital mammography with 3D tomosynthesis, and bone density tests. The Cape Girardeau location also offers advanced CT imaging and high-field MRI. Diagnostic imaging is an important service and we constantly strive to raise the standards to provide the highest imaging quality. Every exam performed at our facilities is reviewed and interpreted by some of the leading expertly trained, board-certified physicians in the region.

Cape Radiology Location

Cape Girardeau

70 Doctors' Park
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703

Cape Girardeau

Interventional Radiology Services

Liver Cancer Treatment Option

  • Radioembolization (Y90)

Peripheral Arterial Disease Treatment Options

  • Thrombolysis
  • Thrombectomy
  • Angioplasty
  • Stenting

Spinal Compression Fracture Treatment Options

  • Vertebroplasty
  • Kyphoplasty

Varicose Veins Treatment Options

  • Endovenous laser ablation treatment (EVLT)
  • Sclerotherapy

Interventional Radiology Services
Why Choose Cape Radiology
Board-Certified, Subspecialty-Trained Radiologists

At Cape Radiology we refuse to compromise quality to ensure that you receive the utmost level of expertise. We hold the ethical practice of medicine as our standard and you can be sure of our hard work and professionalism.

Quality & Expertise
Image Interpretations within 24 Hours

Cape Radiology prides itself on being at the cutting edge of innovative technologies and continually contributing to medicine. We work to provide our patients with the most modern imaging services by elevating the level of care.

Innovation & Progress
Continuous Service 24/7/365

Cape Radiology makes certain our services are conveniently accessible to support patients in making an informed decision while exercising their choice. We endeavor to provide value-based services to our partners and their communities in all we do.

Accessibility and Choice
Safe & Effective Imaging Practices

At Cape Radiology we recognize the ethical practice of medicine and persistently strive for excellence through hard work. We adopt an approach to healthcare that prioritizes the benefit of the patient as well as the input of the physicians we serve.

Ethics & Fortitude

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  • We've used Cape Radiology twice in the past four months and have been pleased both times. Our first experience was for an urgent CT scan, which was handled expediently and competently. The other was a scheduled scan which was also performed well. The procedure was scheduled for 8 am, and I was on my...
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