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Q: I’ve never been to Cape Radiology Group or Cape Girardeau. Where are you located?

A: Our main office is based in Cape Girardeau; however our radiologists serve facilities throughout Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

Q: Why am I getting a bill from Cape Radiology Group?

A: Cape Radiology Group bills for the professional services performed by our radiologists. This includes reading your image(s) such as X-ray, CT, MRI and/or Interventional Radiology care.

Q: Who authorized your services?

A: The hospital or facility where you had your procedure authorized the services. Cape Radiology Group was contracted to provide a board certified/licensed radiologist interpretation or perform diagnostic services.

Q: Why am I receiving multiple bills?

A: You may have had more than one procedure. Depending on the processing order of your insurance payments this may result in more than one bill.

Q: Why didn’t my hospital bill cover this?

A: The hospital bill is for the technical component of your care which covers the cost of the equipment and facility expenses. Our bill is for the professional (physician) component which covers the cost of the radiologist reading the image(s) or performing interventional services.

Q: If I am a cash-paying patient how do I know the cost of an exam?

A: A: Please feel free to call our billing department at (573) 335-6671, option 2, to receive an estimate and discuss your payment options with our courteous staff.


Q: I gave my insurance information to the hospital, why do you need it too?

A: We make every attempt to obtain this information from the hospital/facility. In some instances, your most current insurance information may not have been received.

Q: Why did my insurance reject this service?

A: Typically, this may be due to member eligibility, benefit level, other contract terms or special requirements. Your insurance company may need additional information from you to process the claim. Please contact your insurance company for further explanation.

Q: Can you re-bill my insurance company?

A: Our standard procedure is to submit claims to the insurance company for payment prior to billing our patients. Please check the bottom of your statement for information regarding the bill. You may need to follow up with your insurance company in order to settle the claim.

Q: Why was I billed for a workers’ compensation claim?

A: Please contact our office or have your employer contact one of our account representatives at , option 2, to confirm that we have the correct and complete billing information. We will need your workers’ compensation insurance name and address, date of injury and claim number.

Q: Will my insurance company apply this balance to my co-pay or deductible?

A: Please check with your insurance or plan administrator for benefits. Once billed, an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) will be provided by your insurance company. You may request an EOB or additional information from your insurance company at any time.

Q: Why do I still owe a balance if my insurance company has paid?

A: The amount owed after the insurance company has paid is based on the agreement made between you and your insurance company. You may be responsible for a co-payment, co-insurance or deductible once the insurance company has processed the Cape Radiology Group claim for services you received.

Q: Can I receive an additional discount after my insurance has paid?

A: There is no additional discount available after your insurance has paid due to contractual obligations we have with most insurance plans. Your insurance plan processes your claim based on your coverage and our contracted rate and all balances must be submitted to the patient for payment.

For additional questions regarding billing or coding, please call (800) 597-9678 or (573) 335-6671 and select option 2.