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The mission of Cape Radiology Group is to continually elevate the standard of care for the health and well-being of our patients by offering the highest level of imaging services available.

Our Core Values

Cape Radiology Group operates with a core ideology that helps define our approach to healthcare for the benefit of both our patients and the referring physicians with whom we collaborate everyday.

Innovation and Progress

We take pride in being innovative in our contribution to medicine. We pursue the progressive use of technology for delivering the very finest imaging services to our patients.

Accessibility and Choice

We believe that patients should always have a choice in where they receive their imaging services. We seek to be accessible to our patients, the providers and physicians we serve.

Quality and Expertise

Our quest for quality medicine is uncompromising. Offering the utmost level of specialist expertise available is the foundation of our medical practice. We are driven to offer an exceptional level of professionalism and human contribution in everything we do.

Ethics and Fortitude

We hold the ethical practice of medicine as our standard and reinforce our daily practice with hard work and the pursuit of excellence.


Cape Radiology Group offers patients a quality healthcare choice. We adhere to a common healthcare ideal in which patients have an opportunity to access the latest in technology and medical knowledge to continually improve the value of their personal health.