IT Services

The ever-increasing complexity of information technology (IT) infrastructures, the need for tighter systems integration, as well as emerging security and privacy regulations all translate into increased costs. This comes at a time when payer reimbursements are trending downward and the need to improve efficiency and performance is paramount.

Meeting the demands in this environment requires an innovative workforce, that can be difficult to hire, expensive to train, challenging to retain, and has left many facilities vulnerable.

For this reason, Cape Radiology Group has decided to extend our 80 plus combined years of IT, system integration, software development and network experience to other medical practices. By contracting your medical IT services with us your organization will be free to concentrate on the most integral piece of your practice – the patient.

We offer expertise and customized services in the following areas:

Interfaces and Data Exchange

PACS and RIS services

PACS migration services

Infrastructure management and monitoring

For specific questions about how our IT Services can benefit your practice or facility, please contact us at (573) 334-6071.