International Day of Radiology

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, is the fifth annual International Day of Radiology (IDoR) and is dedicated to breast imaging and the essential role that radiology plays in the detection, diagnosis and management of diseases of the breast.  This special day marks the 121st anniversary of the discovery of the X-ray by German physicist Wilhelm Röentgen.

In 2016, approximately 232,000 women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and 40,000 will die of the disease. This year, we will celebrate the thousands of lives saved by the many contributions of breast imagers and radiation oncologists.

  • Since mammography use became widespread in the1980s, breast cancer deaths have plummeted nearly 40 percent.
  • Annual screening mammography starting at age 40 results in the greatest mortality reduction, the most lives saved and the most life years gained.

Radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical physicists, technologists and administrators work hard to make a positive impact on health care for you and your family. November 8th is the International Day of Radiology; however, medical imaging and radiation oncology make a world of difference every day.

As a member of the radiology community, Cape Radiology Group is proud to support this important recognition of the contributions radiology has made to patient health care delivery and safety.

The International Day of Radiology is jointly sponsored by the American College of Radiology (ACR), the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) and the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

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